UKS OSLO 2008                                                                          Bylarm Nisjelandet/ Oslo 2009                                                                    
SkånesKonstforening 2009                                                       Roskilde Festivalen 2009

Supermarked Stocholm 2010
(SkånesKonstforening)                                               Hafslunds Miljøfestival for barn 2010


Hafslunds Miljøfestival for barn 2011

The Exhbited WORKS:

Compositions #1-3

Transfer composition #1-3

See and read More HERE
Black Canvas

See more Black Canvas from Roskilde HERE:
The Exhibits: place to place, venue to venue the exhibit spite consisting of basically the same works have been dramatically different in style and presentation, click on the exhibits to se the anamorphic nature of this Project.
The Free my first recordlabel; Guitar Picks/Plectrums From the general Exhibit and the Orange especially made for the Roskilde Festival
The T-Shirt,
My first Recordlabel

our little fun rn in with mechandising 
available for only 150nok,
only 60 made
Available in Sizes S M L XL XXL
american sizes bigger than expected.