Planning a disaster
The problem with making music with a guitar is if you love guitars, you hold them to such reverence that the mere idea of using a guitar as a brush equals destruction! But really is it destruction? Wrestling with that concept took some weeks and still lingers on; the idea was brash since I really never tested it. I never could intellectualise it, just hating the idea of artistic stunts, thus I decided to perform it and record it, without an audience. This way I could just enjoy it without the pressure of it having to something, don’t get me wrong whatever happened, whatever the result it would become something but without the control and predictability or trial I opted to escape the pressure.

The idea was to do it to get the idea out of my head but I ballooned, my love of the sounds generated spilled over into other guitar ventures in the same vain, guitar modification and remembering my friends home-recordings back in the 90 on the cusp of fully mastering the guitar daring to just make noise, making sounds and music that was sometimes trying to listening to, sometimes harmonic on the verge of becoming something beautiful.

The music and sound became central, I dislike that experimental dry soundscape sound or sculptural artist using a guitar  for, passionless sound for sounds sake. The beauty of sound and the guitar is the potential of sculpting and the individual results depending upon skill, influences, harmonic preferences and rhythmic style.

# 3
Transfer composition #2
Rigging and Driving: Sigurd Blandhoel
Video: HEX film / Dag Sølvberg
Mari Eggen
Performance: Christian Blandhoel (Treble)
Øystein Sandsdalen (Bass)
Sound: Huzza/Christian Blandhoel
Location: UKS (thanks)

The idea behind composition 3 was to utilize the lessons from Composition 1 & 2, to create a more refined work. But into the planning process the desire for further instrumentation was realised, and thus invited Øystein Sandsdalen on bass and invited HEX film/ Dag Sølvberg to do some hi quality video.