Transfer Composition # 1 and 2 were done at VULKAN only 10 days apart both performed with the same material; guitar, amp, effe

Transfer composition #1
Rigging and Driving: Sigurd Blandhoel
Photography: Ann Kristin Johnsen

Performance: Christian Blandhoel
Video: Tripod
Sound: Huzza/Christian Blandhoel
Location: VULKAN (thanks)

cts and paint colours only difference was turning the whole “set” around and for composition number 2, I changed the strings from  a normal 046-010 set to a 070-014 baritone set, Hoping the heavy gauge would shake off more paint during paint play.

# 1


This Sketch had been created long before the project had gone into any form of physical manifestation, the idea was a basic performance spawning 4 pieces of work, and the Pollock with a guitar idea was already present to illustrate a foreseeable outcome. The idea to progress from one to 3 performances was reached from a deliberation on repetition and recycling the guitar. The idea was to do the performance more than once anyway but using a new guitar for the next one was deemed to be a bit extravagant, and the underscoring of having a guitar as a sculpture/time-capsule of each painting process had no point by its own, rather seeing the same guitar reused for a series on which every performance a lesson from the previous would form the guitars mechanics and aesthetics. Ending up with it being “frozen” after the series of 3.

Philosophy of sound:
The Stomp box setup and modified guitar prior to the first performance. The idea was that of foreseeing the result of the viscose paint overcoming the grip board cluttering up strings thus the initial light gauge I hope that it would cut through the paint and vibrate.  The effects chosen was to give maximal sound off a minimal action, foreseeing some muting and muffling, and triple echo to counteract the loss of sustain.


 NOTICE: Images of the COMPOSITION # 1, 2 and 3 paintings, Will be made available as JPEG online after the exhibit is ended.

Youtube videos  of the performances will however will be made
available prior to the
UKS Show.