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Christian Blandhoel is responsible for this art project.

Hey Iím Christian I started making music back in 1994 in a band Star Star Guitar later as a member in Unmist until 2000. I started doing Home recordings in 1997 under the name Off the acid belt project, encompassing a musical philosophy of indiscriminate experimentation.
Iím primarily a visual artist that recognises my inspiration in music, not a direct link but more the mirroring of the sentiments and effect of music and soundscapes has had on my visual art. As I started making my own music I realised the 2 ways street of inspiration how I was as an audio artist was being inspired in turn by visual art and media in making music.
I was always looking for an avenue to merge these two forms of expression, at first by creating paintings with soundtracks and such. I soon turned to guitars the design and visuals that had inspired me as a musician, the almost fetishist approach to the tool, unlike in painting where the work becomes the fetish object. The guitar is almost unapproachable, the reverence, respect and love of the instrument made it a potent visual representative of musical aspirations thus giving birth to the idea of Transfer composition.
My home recordings will be available on my first recordlabel soon.

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