Improvised music/sound Solo (or orchestra) act, by Oslo Based visual artist; Christian Blandhoel (1976) Performed on special built feedback controlling guitars, Creating ambient drones and noisy soundscapes, fitting as a soundtrack for walking alone in an urban environment.
ijin is a band/performance started in 2010 as a continuation of an art/exhibition project called:
my first recordlabel (2008-2010). A project that involved modifying instruments, in an attempt to find new ways of generating sounds, based around the electric guitar/bass template.

ijin/ Japanese/Noun/ ijin (hiragana いじん)
偉人:great man
異人:foreigner, different person 

Japanese - English Dictionary: ijin We have found the following english words and translations for "ijin": 1. ijin =barbarian 2. ijin =devil 3. ijin =different person 4. ijin =foreigner 5. ijin =great man

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